Email and Diary Management



Do you find it difficult to locate the email that you need at the right time?  Are your emails scattered across various platforms with no order to them?

We can organise your emails into a slick system of sub-folders with rules incorporated so that you will know exactly where all of your correspondence is with each client, at the click of a button.

We can also take care of correspondence for all incoming emails on your behalf during busy periods and flag them up in order of urgency with a ‘to do’ list.


Is your diary a mess? Do you keep missing important meetings as they are not recorded in your diary? Do you need to schedule regular meetings with your team/clients/accountant but don’t know where to start?

We can organise any meetings that you need from a regular dental appointment, a top client conference call, and even a lunch meeting with a friend.

We can also arrange complex meetings across different time zones, setting up conference calls or web conferences if necessary.

We will ensure that your diary is up to date, colour coded, and with relevant reminders and documents added for each meeting that you need.

Let me help you work smarter.

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