We have an experienced, professional Online Business Manager in our team, who is able to provide operational and project management support

Looking at the bigger picture

Could you use some support to get your business systems streamlined running like a well oiled machine? We can provide:

  • Review of the key systems needed to run a business, including customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery
  • Creation of processes, tools and players for key systems within the business
  • Implementation of automated business tools & software to manage various systems
  • Creation and maintenance of your Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) Guide
  • Management of all client payments and collections process
  • Management of systems access and login information
  • Ensuring there is an effective backup system in place for all information (including the business owner’s computer!)
  • Establish decision making guidelines for team members

Project management

Are you juggling various clients, teams or projects and once and could use the support of a professional with the ability to take an objective look at your plate and manage it all effectively and efficiently? We take care of:

  • Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources
  • Setup and maintenance of an online project management tool
  • Delegating details of the project to various team members
  • Communication of project status and ongoing details to all players
  • Following-up with players as necessary to ensure that “stuff gets done” on time
  • Managing the budget for the project
  • Handling challenges for the project as they arise, with a focus on finding a solution quickly.


Keeping your business running smoothly.

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